Project Results

Project Results

Work Package 3 (WP3)

Master of Information System Capacity Building

WP3 Handbook (WP3 Development handbook)

MASTIS MOODLE online platform


DEGREE PROFILE of Master of Science in Information Systems


  1. Enterprise Architecture Management
  2. IS Development and Deployment
  3. IS Strategy                         
  4. IS Security
  5. MIS and Data Warehouses
  6. Management of IS Projects [ KhNUE, VNTU, LPNU, KSU ]
  7. Innovations and Entrepreneurship
  8. IT Infrastructure
Work Package 4 (WP4)

Quality Assurance

WP4 Handbook (WP4 QA handbook)

Outcome 4.2. Quality Internal Reports (MASTIS WP 4.2)

Outcome 4.3. Quality External Reports (MASTIS WP 4.3)

Work Package 5 (WP5)

Dissemination and Exploitation

Dissemination Handbook (MASTIS Dissemination Handbook)

Dissemination report period 1-3

Dissemination report period 4

Dissemination report period 5​

Work Package 6 (W6P)

Project Management

MASTIS Management Handbook

MASTIS  Workplan (revised)