MASTIS Work Packages description

Work Package 1 (WP1)

Preparation: Requirements Analysis

Identification of the current approaches to the educational process. Analysis of the needs of companies with active participation partners form business, graduates and students in IT industry. Nomination of teachers to participate in the Programme development 

1.1      Identify Requirements for Master of Information Systems

1.2      Workshops for Partner Country Methodologists

1.3      Analyse Current Master of Information System  Curricula

Work Package 2 (WP2)

Degree Profile and Curriculum Development

Description of competences and learning outcomes for Master of Information Systems. 

2.1      Update Master of Information System  Degree Profile

2.2      Develop Curriculum

2.3     Modernize Teaching Approaches

2.4      Develop DP & Curriculum Revision Mechanism

Work Package 3 (WP3)

Master of Information System  Capacity Building

Description and development of learning and teaching materials and the main assessment criteria and methods for each course.. Launch Web-platform. Organize teaching materials exchange. Pilot teaching of Master students according to Master Programme of Information Systems. Associated partners from IT-business  professional associations  will support  these tasks.

3.1      Train Academic Staff

3.2      Develop IT Infrastructure

3.3       Develop Teaching Materials

3.4       Pilot teaching MSc, PhD, Long Life Learning

Work Package 4 (WP4)

Quality Assurance

External and internal quality control and self-evaluation of project process   and   results   by   students,   academic   staff,   experts and business representatives.

4.1 Develop Evaluation Program  

4.2 Monitoring by Internal Experts

4.3 Control   by   External   Experts

Work Package 5 (WP5)

Dissemination and Exploitation

The dissemination & sustainability plan will be oriented at the needs of stakeholders, including presentation of necessary information types and dissemination levels in preferred forms and languages; use varied dissemination methods, be both proactive and reactive in project results  dissemination to meet the needs of stakeholders and the society in innovation development; make existing resources, relationships and networks a foundation for building new resources; include effective quality control mechanisms.

 Sustainability strategy is based on increasing interactive links between PC and EU universities and IT industry. IS Master programme development will represent a strong foundation for the needs of national IT industry.

5.1      Create Dissemination & Sustainability Plan

5.2       Organize Dissemination Events

5.2       Strengthen Business to University Contacts

Work Package 6 (W6P)

Project Management

The management will be based on a strategic thinking in order to define the project measurable results.

6.1.     Operational management

6.2.     Financial management